Functional duties

Performs the following tasks:

Ø  regular operational control over the technical policy, prospects for the development of the enterprise and ways to implement comprehensive programs in all areas of its specialization and cooperation, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of the existing production, its specialization and cooperation;

Ø  Ensuring an increase in the level of technical preparation of production, its efficiency and reduction of material, financial and labor costs for the production of products, the performance of works (services), their high quality, reliability and durability;

Ø  ensuring the prospects and efficiency of design work, the readiness of modern and high-quality production, maintenance and modernization of equipment, bringing product quality to a high level;

Ø  development and implementation of programs for the introduction of modern technologies at the enterprise, improvement of information support;

Ø  analysis of completed tasks of the last planning period in order to determine the possibility of a more complete and uniform loading of equipment, as well as control of all internal switching on and off and commissioning of new combinations of equipment;

Ø  organization of scientific and technological development, automation of production processes, metrology, standardization and certification of products, development and implementation of current and future forecasts for the development of ecology and environmental protection;

Ø  coordination of preparatory work aimed at the stable operation of the enterprise in the autumn-winter and spring-summer periods;

Ø  coordination of work to ensure industrial safety in SGCC;

Ø  organization of activities aimed at reducing the cost of production of SGCC;

 During the absence of the General Director, he signs orders on organizational and technical issues and issues of the operational activities of the enterprise, orders on the appointment and dismissal of specialists and workers.

 Develops and approves contracts for the sale of products, material and technical resources, and also performs the tasks of coordinating services performed by construction contractors in the technological process.

 Concludes contracts for the provision of services directly related to the production activities of SGCC.

 Signs, submits and accepts all necessary documents, performs all procedures and formalities aimed at performing the above actions.

Last edit time : 22.05.2023