A training seminar on "Conscience" was held.

On the eve of Teacher’s and Mentor’s Day, an informative travel was completed to “Lochin” camp, organized for teachers of “Erkatoy”, preschool educational institution.

Nigora Achilova, principal of kindergartens gave a speech on role and significance of Singapore technology in activities of “Erkatoy”, preschool educational institution.

On topic "Conscience", under the heading of "Improvement and development of personality" was held a training seminar prepared by a psychologist of kindergarten Sohiba Hujahanova. Participants, after dividing into 6 groups were thinking and arguing, were searching together for answers to such questions as: “What is conscience?”, “What is fiat of conscience?”, “What is dishonesty?”, “What is twinge of conscience?” relying on their own life experience.