Chess and checkers tournament

From July 29 to July 31, 2019, chess and checkers tournament took place among employees of units, departments and services, which is traditionally included in the annual sports program at Shurtan gas chemical complex LLC.

During the contest, participants were tested for their ingenuity and intelligence. The competition was full of disputes and controversy.

At the competition 12 participants competed in chess, and 10 participants took part in checkers, 4 of them were women. In the chess competitions took: 1st place B.Khalilov (Preschool education establishment (PEE) "Erkatoy-1"),

2nd place R. Umbarov (Instrumentation and automation),

3rd place. J. Negmatov (polyethylene production unit),

and in checkers competitions took:

1st place Yu. Negmatov (polyethylene production unit),

2nd place K. Aminova (Housing accommodation service),

3rd place A. Abdullaev .

Winners were awarded diplomas of 1, 2 and 3 degrees and prizes from the tournament organizers.