Happy summer is going well

Although August is the last month of summer, this year is exceptionally hot from previous years. On these hot summer days, people want a cool, healthy vacation.              

Only a few days are left before the school holidays. The fifth stream began at Lochin children's health camp of Shurtan gas chemical complex, where children rest in beautiful camps to enter the new school year with new energy and enthusiasm. The Lochin children's health camp proves its superiority over other children's camps located in our region.It is due to high production capacities of Shurtan gas chemical complex LLC and is the efforts of the trade union committee, which takes care of the health of employees and their children, enriching its activities with new methods.              

Although there are four streams in all camps, it is pleasant that Lochin continues summer season with five streams. We hope that the 5th stream, which began on August 7, 2019, will be full of exciting adventures and unforgettable experiences for our children.Management of the complex and the trade union committee did a great job, because there are children from Kamashi Children’s house, children of the disabled persons in Guzar and Kamashi districts, children of the disabled persons from the blind society of Guzar district, children from low-income families of Miraki PG, and children of the dead employees of the complex were taken on vacation.We wish the creative team of the camp new successes.