Papaya is a source of income

    On the initiative of the internal water supply facility chief U. Normurodov and shop worker A. Kayumov a papaya tree is grown in a greenhouse of the internal water supply facility. As explained by U. Normuradov, papaya farmers are also called “melon tree”. We planted two plants 3-4 years ago. Papaya is considered a healing plant.Papaya gave a harvest after 6-7 months. The weight of a young tree fruit is 1-3 kg, and the tree grows to a fruit size of 5-7 kg. You can get up to 50-60 fruits from paprika.Papaya grows in warm climates, therefore adapts well to greenhouse conditions. When the greenhouse temperature is above 10 degrees, papaya blooms and will be a lot of harvest. The peel is golden brown, the inner part is blue. This tree usually grows in tropical countries.


    Taste and smell reminds a fresh melon. It is also called the "melon tree".In the greenhouse, papaya seedlings were grown and 2 new seedlings were planted, and the staff of the internal water supply facility grew more than 10 papaya seedlings.Workers also take care of 24 lemon trees in the greenhouse.