Business Trip To Shurtan Gas-Chemical Complex Has Been Organized

On June 7, 2019 in Guzar District together with Youth Union of Uzbekistan, Council of Guzar District and Foundation - “Youth is Our Future” of the branch of Guzar District a business trip has been organized to Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex, LLC to provide fulfillment of President’s Decree No. 5466 dated from June 27, 2018 concerning State program - “Youth is our future”, as well as Decree No. 3777 concerning State program - “Each family is an entrepreneur”.

During a business trip, the museum of Shurtan Gas and Chemical Complex, LLC has been visited, the exhibits of which aroused great interest among visitors.

Twenty young people with potential for entrepreneurship, as well as the unemployed segment of the people have been involved in this business trip.