Collective agreement - the key for social protection and the rights of workers

The trade union committee of Shurtan gas chemical complex LLC together with the employer held on February 1, 2019 training for leaders of trade union committee of shops, departments and services. This seminar was attended by representatives of the employer, a group of workers of the primary trade union organization, active members, and chiefs of departments, shops and services of the Complex.

The Organizational Committee made recommendations to the chiefs on the procedure for holding meetings and on drawing up such documents to make proposals for the implementation of the Collective Agreement and the entry into force of the new Collective Agreement, including: The chairman of the trade union committee of Shurtan gas chemical complex, LLC Yu. Botirov told the seminar participants that the collective agreement regulating social benefits and guarantees is the basis for the full-fledged work of the staff, payment for labor and high living standards and to make proposals for the inclusion of privileges in the new collective agreement.In addition, he reminded that chiefs are responsible for ensuring and collecting collective meetings on the selection of delegates for shops, departments and services at the conference to be held on March 27, 2019, and about the responsibilities of chiefs that it is necessary to work more hard to improve their legal and financial knowledge. (Seminar participants were handed out a textbook on holding general meetings in departments, shops, services) Chief social development specialist U. Khonkulov said that the social environment in society and the attitude of staff members largely depend on the chiefs. Because when an employee needs to solve his problems and finds a solution from a chief, then he works with pleasure, and also has a positive effect on effective work, and the chief must pay attention to each of his employees.  The training participants were divided into groups and participated in practical exercises and received answers to their questions. 

Shurtan gas chemical complex, LLCChairman of the trade union committee Y. Botirov