“Education in the XXI century. Singapore Experience"

At the end of January, a group of pedagogues from the pre-school education establishment “Erkatoy” took part in a training seminar in Tashkent organized by the Center for Development of pedagogues “ZIYO MUALLIM” in cooperation with the Department of Educational Consulting of Singapore “Educare International Consultancy”, where they studied the Singapore training system. 

At all times, pedagogy has endeavored to create an ideal system of education wherein pupils could gain the maximum knowledge and skills.

And our modern age of technology is no exception. New education priorities hitch pedagogues to search and implement modern teaching technologies that help to achieve more tangible learning and education results.

Many teachers are faced with a lack of interest in the reading and creativity of modern children, in fact this is the most powerful tool in gaining knowledge and multilateral development of abilities. Singapore's technology of learning increases the variety of forms and means those enhance and stimulate any pupil’s activity. The Singapore method - the team is divided into groups or pairs and studies a small share of the material independently.

Each pupil periodically tries on the role of the teacher, explaining the substance of the matter in his own words to the partner, and vice versa. And the teacher carries out the so-called "included control", listening to them in turn, corrects, helps and directs.

The Singapore training system has the following advantages:

- About half of the children learn to simultaneously speak and hear, correct other pupil's mistakes, correct, supplement;

- Sharply increases the activity of each pupil in the process;

- Education for each child, without exception, becomes interesting and productive, and the quality of knowledge on the subject increases significantly;

- Each pupil is in the center of the question, he needs to communicate, thereby creating a positive attitude to the learning process;

- develop communication skills, creative thinking, they learn to cooperate, criticize and accept criticism;

- Any lesson becomes like an exciting and intense game and carries exclusively positive emotions.  

Pre-school education establishment “Erkatoy” N.G.Achilova