15.02.2019 Complex news

The project “The art of living in society” continues 

The Women's Committee of Shurtan gas chemical complex continues the project “Art of living in society”. On 12th February, 2019, the next training was held with the participation of file clerks of shops, departments of the complex, and separately in the settlement with participation of women from housing and utilities service. During the training, participants discussed the question: “How to live in right way?” and received information about important features and aspects of a good life in society.

07.02.2019 Complex news

 “Education in the XXI century. Singapore Experience"

At the end of January, a group of pedagogues from the pre-school education establishment “Erkatoy” took part in a training seminar in Tashkent organized by the Center for Development of pedagogues “ZIYO MUALLIM” in cooperation with the Department of Educational Consulting of Singapore “Educare International Consultancy”, where they studied the Singapore training system.

05.02.2019 Complex news

Collective agreement - the key for social protection and the rights of workers

Collective agreement - the key for social protection and the rights of workers The trade union committee of Shurtan gas chemical complex LLC together with the employer held on February 1, 2019 training for leaders of trade union committee of shops, departments and services. This seminar was attended by representatives of the employer, a group of workers of the primary trade union organization, active members, and chiefs of departments, shops and services of the Complex.

29.01.2019 Complex news

Integration between production, science and higher education is gaining turnover. 

One of the main factors for the development of our country is the task of developing the education system, which determines the promising future of society and meets modern requirements.

16.01.2019 Complex news

“Defense of the Motherland is a sacred duty

On January 14, 2019, a spiritual clock on the theme “Defense of the Motherland - a sacred duty!” was held in the large hall of Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex.

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