Aluminum composite panels


About product

Aluminium composite panels produced by Shurtan gas chemical complex in accordance with TSH 39.2-269-2010 are one of the best decisions in choosing the finishing of building facade in modern style.

Aluminium composite panels are resistant to impacts, pressure, bend and kinks, which increases their wind resistance.

The elasticity of aluminium composite panels makes it possible to impart complex curved outlines to facings.

The variety of forms transforms faceless “boxes” into buildings with an individual architectural solution.

The composite is heat resistant in the range from -50 ° C to + 80°C. In any climatic conditions, the panel maintains its elasticity, structure and does not crack in bends.

Advantages of aluminium composite panels:

  • The ventilation facade with cladding with aluminium composite panels has a low weight, high strength, therefore, transportation and installation of the facade structure are greatly simplified.
  • When installing a hinged facade between the outer facing panels and the wall, an air layer from 25 mm to 250 mm remains, allowing to hide the variance of the wall surfaces, which is important during reconstruction. In addition, in the summer heat, this design prevents the penetration of heat through the outer wall into the room, and in winter the air layer works as additional insulation. Therefore, our facades are not only beautiful but also beneficial!
  • Facades covered with aluminium composite panels are easy to keep clean, they require minimal maintenance.
  • Facade panels have a wide range of colours. Therefore, the finishing of building facades with composite aluminium panels helps to realize the most complex architectural project.
  • The unique properties of aluminium composite panels make it possible to create facade panels that are resistant to the destructiveness of moisture, sun and salt.
  • The ventilation facade with a composite does not harm the environment and does not pose a health hazard.
  • Aluminium composite panels are a complex multi-layer construction consisting of two aluminium sheets with a multi-layer coating connected to a core formed of polyethene or mineral fire resistant filler.
  • Slightly combustible (G2) and non-combustible (G1) modifications are produced.


  1. Protective film
  2. Surface layer PVDF
  3. Painted coat PVDF
  4. PVDF primer
  5. The high strength aluminium sheet
  6. The non-toxic composite polyethene layer
  7. The high strength aluminium sheet
  8. Anticorrosion primer
  9. Anticorrosion protective coating


A wide range of colours!

Our aluminum composite panels are produced with PVDF polymer coating, which the service life exceeds 35 years.Panel sizes:2440x1220 (length / width) with a tolerance of -2 / + 3 mm. 3000x1500 (length / width) with a tolerance of -2 / + 3 mm.

Sale information

“Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex” LLC produces the following products:

- polyethylene pipes with diameter from 20 mm up to 630 mm, with different thickness, resistant to pressure from 0.25 MPa up to 1.0 MPa and fittings;

- drip irrigation system (SKO);

- aluminum composite panels of different colors (ACP);

- polyethylene jerry cans of 10 liters;

Selling of finished products of “Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex” LLC (polyethylene pipes and fittings, drip irrigation systems, aluminum composite panels, polyethylene jerry cans) is carried out directly by conclusion of a contract.

Contracts are concluded on the basis of Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan about contractual legal base of Economic Entities.


To conclude the contract, a price list of finished products is provided on customer demand.

On the basis of provided price list, customer must send a letter of inquiry to conclude a contract for purchasing of necessary products, where all essential elements must be indicated.


On customer demand, on the basis of order of management of “Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex” LLC, contract is concluded in 2 (two) copies and is signed with the consent of both parties.

After signing of contract, seller provides customer with an invoice in writing form about readiness for production and loading of products specified in contract.

After making 100% prepayment for the products specified in the contract, the requested products shall be produced and loaded within 25 bank working days.

Based on provided invoice, customer makes 100% prepayment and on the basis of contract, customer must send his forwarder to receive the finished goods.

To receive the finished goods customer must have the following documents:

  1. Power of attorney for purchasing of goods (attorney letter on receipt of goods);
  2. Identification document (passport);
  3. A copy of the contract drawn up for goods;
  4. Bank transfer order of transferred funds for purchasing of goods;

Based on the documents provided by customer, invoice for finished products is issued and signed in the accounting department and issued to customer to receive the goods.

Delivery of goods is carried out by customer based on EXW terms of delivery.

Loading of goods is carried out in “Karshitermoplast” shop.