Announcement for open contest
Lot number 484
Category Сhemical products
Lot started date 26-08-2019
Deadline for proposals 15-09-2019
Delivery time (calendar day) 20
For questions +998 75 552 42 17
Special terms
Payment terms: Letter of Credit or Payment after receiving the goods
Required information: Time for production
 FCA price of the goods
Transportation cost on the terms DAP Shurtan or DAP Kengsoy station (code is 732602) Uzbekistan
Time for delivery 
Customs tariff code
Packing and dimensions
Technical specifications of the goods
For getting more information and RFQ e-mail:
Phone: +998 75 552 42 17 
Contact details: Vasiev T
# Name Quantity Characteristics
1 Diethanolamine 85% 35 tons
CAS # 11-42-2 Formula: (HOCH2CH2)2 NH Appearance: thick viscous Diethanolamine: 85% Water: 15% Density: 1,096 gr/cm2 Packaging 200 l. drum or 1000 l. IBC
2 Pelargonic acid 16 tons
CAS # 112-05-0 Name: nonanoic acid, Appearance: oily liquid, Molecular formula: С9Н18О2, Acid value: 345-355, Colour: Gardner, Moisture: Max 0,2%, Boiling range: 230-237 ºС Pelargonic acid: ≥95% Freezing point: 18ºС
3 Antioxidant Irganox 1010 12 tons
CAS #: 6683-19-8 Assay: 98-100%, Molecular formula: C73H108O12, Melting temperature: 110-125 ºС, Moisture: 0-0,5%, Molecular weight: 1178 g/mol, Density (at 25 ºС): 1,15 g/cm³ Appearance: white crisstalline powder
4 2,4-Pentanedione 16 tons
CAS#: 123-54-6, Name: Pentanedione, Molecular formula: С5H8O2, Structure: СН3СОСН2СОСН3, Boiling point: 127 ºС, Colour: 50 (Pt/Co), Molecular weight: 100 g/mol.

The participants of the competition can send commercial offers and other documents related to competitive bidding on purpose, by mail, fax and e-mail on the following specified requisite:

The requisites of the customer:

Name of the customer: LLC "SHURTAN GAZ KIMYO MAJMUASI"
Mailing address: 180300, Kashkadarya region, Guzar district, Shurtan settlement
Official site: Section: "Contests"
E-mail address:
Fax number: +998 75 552-40-16

List of necessary documents attached to the commercial offer for participation in the competition:

  • Certificate of state registration
  • The license for wholesale (in case of delivery of goods)
  • License or permission to perform works or services (in the case of the supply of works or services).

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