About complex activity

SGCC is Limited liability company of the Stock Company “Uzneftegasdobycha” of the National Holding Company “Uzbekneftegas”.
Capacity: Natural gas processing 3.9 billion m3/year.

  • Polyethylene 125 thousand ton/year;
  • LPG 100 thousand ton/year;
  • Gas condensate 100 thousand ton/year;
  • Granulated sulfur 1.5 thousand ton/year;
  • more than 2.4 thousand ton/year of finished products in the form of pipes and fittings for pressure pipes;

Great bulk of product selling is Polyethylene. Today the product with trade mark UzClear® has a reputation in such fields of processing like extrusion (different film types, pipes, oriented tapes – monofilament, wire and cable insulation and etc.), blow moulding (bottles, cans, different tanks), rotational moulding (tanks, drums, containers), injection moulding (bins, crates, buckets and other large and small items).

In last year we entered a market of finished plastic products as producers of PE pipes for pressure and sewer pipelines. We are a single producer of pipes having product quality control possibility a all stages of production. As LPG is pollution-free type of fuel in contrast to oil refinery products, and its highest purity gave its results. Everyday user - motor-car enthusiast noticed qualitative adjectives of LPG and in spite of competition existence in this market segment, it is observed a stable rising tendency of LPG selling in the region, where basic consumers are filling stations.

All of the Shurtan GCC products have environmental and hygienic certificates ensuring safety of use in producing household appliances and food contacting products.
Terms of delivery - The shipment of the Goods is to be carried out on FCA (Incoterms 2000) Kengsoy and/or Jayron railway stations, GAJK “UTI”
Terms of payment - The Buyer makes 100% (one hundred percent) advance payment

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