Domestic market

In home market, product is realized through the Republican Commodity Exchange, on auction of which liquefied gas and polyethylene put up for in required volume every week.
It is necessary to notice that fact, that the share of product realized in home market increases every year.

Before during the first years of our work the bulk of the realized polyethylene in home market is accounted for annual state orders for production of the film for cotton plant mulching; now this volume is less than 1/5 of share of total consumption of home market polyethylene.

Among consumers increases demand for pipe, blow molding, cable rotational and film marks of polyethylene, the basic consumers of which are the enterprises of the private sector.
We hope that development of gas chemistry will lead to more multiple increase in production volumes of plastic products in the region, appearance of a new types of plastic products and increasing of assortment of products with higher added value.

Last edit time: 21.01.2019

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