«Building of a stock-raising complex».

«Building of a stock-raising complex».

By the Decree of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 1046 dated from January 26, 2009 About the state program of "The year of development and upclassing of villages" and the Decree No. 2017 dated from August 2, 2013 "About the program for development of production capacities of Kashkadarya region for 2013-2016" and also on the basis of minutes of meeting of the coordinating group for fulfillment of the program of development of production capacities of Kashkadarya region” carried out by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex, LLC realized a project of «Building of a stock-raising complex».

Main purpose of the project is to provide Shurtan GCC with milk and meat products and creation of new work places.

In order to purchase equipment for realization of the project, Customer has worked out “Requirement specifications” and carried out tender.

According to the results of the tender bidding, German company Agralis GmbH has been declared as a winner. In the second quarter of 2017, Company delivered a complete set of equipment, and erection jobs has been carried out. In addition, pedigreed cattle has been purchased and in the fourth quarter of 2017 a stock-raising complex has been put into service.

General information about the project:

  1. Total cost of the project - 10.0 million of US dollars;
  2. Annual capacity - 5,400 tons of dairy products and 100 tons of meat products;
  3. Total area of ​​the enterprise - 14 hectares;
  4. Created new work places - 69 places.

Last edit time : 11.06.2019