Singapore’s experience is accepted in preschool educational establishment

The present day the purpose of preschool education is a successful competitive kindergartner.

To achieve the purpose, educators from the preschool educational establishment “Erkatoy” regularly study and implement innovations in their activities. Attending seminars in Tashkent to study the Singaporean education system has shown us the need to develop essential skills in children, such as cooperation, communication, critical thinking and creative problem solving.  

The modern lesson according to the Singapore method:

The lesson that is carried out an individual approach to each child,

A lesson containing different activities,

A lesson in which the child is comfortable,

A lesson that develops cognitive activity,

Lesson raising a thinking preschooler intellectual,

The lesson that creates an atmosphere of joy, cooperation, understanding and enthusiasm.

The uniqueness of this method consists that each child can express his point of view, his thoughts, and each child remains heard.