A festive event was held in honor of the holiday "Motherland Defenders’ Day - January 14,"

On January 10, 2019 in the large conference hall of “Shurtan Gas and Chemical Complex” LLC the festive event dedicated to the 27th anniversary of the formation of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan and “Motherland Defenders’ Day” was held for officers, sergeants, soldiers and veterans of the personnel of military unit No. 99750 under the command of troops for protection of categorized objects of the Ministry of Defense, as well as for participants of the Afghan war, working in the complex

On this holiday, representatives of the military unit and representatives of the complex management sent their congratulations to the participants. 35 active servicemen of the military unit received the valuable presents.

Each of the 21 participants of the Afghan war, working in the complex, was financially rewarded by the employer with the amount of 5 (five) minimal monthly wages established in the Republic.

At the festive event, a team of cheerful and resourceful young men of the military unit showed their festive performance. The musical performances of the artists presented the participants a festive mood. The festive event continued with an interesting conversation at a cup of tea. After that, the participants went on an excursion to the “Patriots’ Park”, located in Karshi.