Functional duties

Carries out functions on the followings:

    • regular operating supervision of technical policy, prospect of development of enterprise and ways of realization of comprehensive programs in all directions of perfection, reconstruction and modernization of operating production, its specialization and cooperation;
    • ensuring of increase of level of technical readiness of production, its efficiency and reduction of material, financial and labor expenses on production, works (services), their high quality, reliability and durability;
    • ensuring of perspectives and efficiency of design decisions, modern and qualitative preparation of production, technical operation, repair and modernization of the equipment, achievement of high level quality of production;
    • elaboration and realization of programs of introduction of modern technologies, improvement of data support in the enterprise;
    • analyzing of the executed tasks of the previous planned period for the purpose of revealing of possibility of fuller and uniform loading of the equipment, and also monitoring of all the internal changeovers and new connected units;
    • arrangement of elaboration and realization of current and perspective forecasts of development of scientific and technical progress, automation of productions, metrology, standardization and certification of production, ecology and environmental protection;
    • coordination of activities on preparation of the enterprise for steady operation during autumn-winter and spring-summer periods;
    • coordination of activities on ensuring of industrial security on SGCC;
    • arrangement of activities on realization of the measures directed on reduction of the price of SGCC production;


&enmp;&enmp;In absence of Director he signs orders concerning organizational-technical matters and matters of operative activity of the enterprise, orders for appointment and dismissal of specialists and employees. Carries out functions on elaboration and approval of contracts for purchasing and sales of product, material resources, and also performance and approval of services performed by master builders in technological process.

&enmp;Signs contracts of services directly concerning production activities of SGCC. Signs, submits and receives all the necessary documents, perform all the procedures and formalities directed on performance of the above-stated actions.

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